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How to Use the Xulane Patch?

Before starting the patch, consult your healthcare provider to discuss the pros and cons and any potential health risks. You’ll need a prescription to obtain the patch.

  1. Start During Your Period: Apply the first patch during the first 24 hours of your period. It becomes effective immediately. Alternatively, you can apply the patch on the first Sunday after your period starts, but you’ll need backup contraception for the next seven days.

  2. Mark Your Calendar: The day you apply your first patch becomes your patch change day. Replace the patch once a week on the same day each week.

  3. Application: Apply the patch to clean, dry skin on your upper arm, stomach, buttocks, or back. Avoid placing it on areas that might be irritated by straps or clothing. Press down on the patch for 10 seconds to ensure it adheres properly.

  4. Weekly Changes: Change the patch every week on your designated day. Place the new patch on a different area of your body to avoid skin irritation.

  5. Continuous Use: After three weeks of using the patch, take one week off to allow for your period. You can also choose to use the patch continuously to skip your period.

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